Monday, September 27, 2010

“A faithful believer to a faithful believer is as the bricks of a wall enforcing each other“

(Sahih Bukhari)


I thank Allaah for blessing me with such beautiful friends, family and sisters in deen. Alhamdulillah.

I'm grateful your there for me
No matter what,
In my hour of need
And even when not...
Your beauty in character
And in deen
To say what your thinking
To know what I mean.
To sit, lend an ear
Make me laugh when I'm sad
Removing my fear
In the deens beauty your clad.
I pray Allah grants you
Only the best,
Lets you never falter,
No matter what test.
I pray He keeps us
Firm on the deen
Speaking the haq
On each other we lean.
May He make us stronger,
Even in the west,
Let all us Muslims
Always be the best.
In the dunya and akhirra
May He grant you the best
Protect you, forgive you
Let you pass each test.
I thank Allah for giving you all,
For making me stronger
Not letting me fall.

Friday, September 29, 2006


"Rivalry in worldly increase distracteth you, Until ye come to the graves.Nay, but ye will come to know!Nay, but ye will come to know!Nay, would that ye knew (now) with a sure knowledge!For ye will behold hell-fire.Aye, ye will behold it with sure vision.Then, on that day, ye will be asked concerning pleasure." (Surah At Takathur)

You have this great plan, of how you want your life to be;
Planning for the dunya, when only He can but foresee.
Studying, working, purchasing, a brand new house or car;
In this wild delusion that this world may take you far.

Distracted from your duties, never mindful of your death,
Not knowing when or where, you might take your last few breaths.
Every day taken for granted, every hour wasted in awe,
Materialistic dunya, ungrateful servants wanting more.

You all manage to fast okay, practice the hunger and the thirst;
Turning your backs then to backbite, envy, hate or worse.
Once a year, in Ramadhan, you all try to do more;
As soon as Eid ul fitr comes, Islam goes out the door.

In a place where there’s no wealth except your deeds, both good and bad;
What use is all this money, when you wasted what you had?
You never spent in Allah’s cause, for fear of poverty;
You embraced the dunya, forgot about Eternity.

When you see, all those you wronged, take the few good deeds you had;
When you see that all your wealth you’ll leave behind, will you be glad?
On the final day of reckoning, when you stand before Allah,
Will you be sent to Hell, or granted access to Jannah?

What’s going on O Muslims? Why do you think that you;
Might escape the punishment, no matter what you do.
The End is but inevitable, the grave your place of rest,
Even the rich amongst you, will have to pass the test.

Control of your Nafs, Purifying your intention,
Don’t let the Shayatin, give bad deeds even a mention.
Live each day as it’s your last, don’t withhold enmity,
Forgive and forget, in hope of pure serenity.

Take heed today o Muslims, and be thankful to Allah;
Turn and Repent, Help others, give Zakah.
Be mindful of your speech, be grateful of your health
Read Quran and Salaah, for truly they will be your wealth.

(Soul Scripture ,Ramadhan 1427)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Allah does not impose on any self any more than it can bear"
(Surat al-Baqarah, 286)

I’m searching for the answers, to the questions in my mind,
I’m searching high and low, but yet again I’ve been denied.

I sit in contemplation at the doorway to Allah
One I have full access to, through power of dua’a

I sit silently weeping, in hope and sincerity,
I pray to the Almighty to only one day let this be.

In a world where many Muslims, Suffer much more than me,
More than I could imagine, more than I’ll ever see.

Sitting in anticipation, hoping I am on the list
That I'm a true believer, and I will not be missed.

I know I’ve got some way to go, I realise I’m not perfect
In front of Allah’s majesty, I feel like just an insect.

I guess I should be thankful, for every breath I take
Ask for His mercy and forgiveness, for every single mistake.

O Allah forgive me, please bless me and be pleased
For I want to be a Muslim, the way you want me to be.

(SS, 2006)

Narrated by Ibn Umar (RA): " Allah's Apostle said, Islam is based on the following five principles:
(1)to testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammed is His Apostle.
(2) To perform the (compulsary congrgational) prayers dutifully and perfectly.
(3) To pay Zakat (i.e. obligatory charity).
(4) To observe fast during the month of Ramadhan
(5) To perform Hajj (i.e. Pilgramage to Mecca)
(Sahih Bukhari: Kitaab ul Imaan)
Though I was born a Muslim, it took time to appreciate
To embrace the one true faith, before it got too late.
To recite and believe there’s only one true God, Allah
Who sent the message of Islam with Muhammad, Rasool Allah.

Standing on my prayer mat, before the sun rises at last
Raise my hands with the niyaah, That this salaah might be my last.
I pray that He forgives me, for every sin known and unknown,
I pray that one day before me, paradise will be shown.

I try to give to those in need, by paying my zakat
Giving alms in charity, so that I might cleanse my heart.
Giving to the needy, visiting the sick,
It’s not only the money, but a smile can do the trick.

Every year in Ramadhan, When every Muslim abstains
When shaytans safely locked away, Only my nafs to keep on reins.
I pray to Allah, this time its really going to last,
I’m going to change myself you see, not just simply fast.

Once in my life, at the very least, I hope to travel far,
Fulfil myself completely, performing Hajj and Umrah.
Till then I pray He helps me strive to be the best believer,
To live life as a Muslim; not as a hell torment receiver.
(SS, 2006)
"Every good act is an act of charity". In another version the hadith, it says: "Your smile to your brother is a charitable act. Ordering good is a charitable act. Forbidding evil is a charitable act. Helping a man who has bad eyesight to see things is a charitable act. Removing a stone, rubbish or bones is a charitable act. Emptying your cup in the cup of your brother is a charitable act."
(Sahih Muslim)
His big brown eyes
Fill with tears of sorrow
Have you no love
That he could just borrow?

His head is bowed
He has little pride
But rest assured
He feels something inside.

Feelings and thoughts
Will always remain
But by keeping emotions
He has little to gain.

His tearful eyes
Cry out in need
"Is there no-one out there
To fulfil this deed?"

A little love
If he could just borrow
To help him face
The world of tommorrow.

(SS, 1995)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Narrated by Mujahid: Abdullah bin Umar (RA) said: “Allah’s Apostle took hold of my shoulder and said, “Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveller.” The sub narrator added that Ibn Umar used to say; " If you survive to the evening, do not expect to be alive in the morning, and if you survive till the morning do not expect to be alive in the evening, and take from your health for your sickness and (take) from your life for your death."
(Sahih Bukhari: Kitab Ar-Riqaq)
I'm a solitary travelleress
Following the sign
Travelling the dunya
In hope, one day paradise will be mine.

I try to live my life
By my guide that is Islaam
It tells me whats halal for me
I try to avoid, haraam.

It is not all that simple tho'
When shaytaan is on my case
He's telling me, all that's wrong
So that i might loose my faith.

It's all about control I guess
Of my actions, hopes, desires
So long as I, keep my nafs in check
and pray I, avoid the fire.

I raise my hands in dua
That one day i'll meet Allaah
And He'll grant me forgiveness
So I reach my one true goal, Janaah

(SS, 2006)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Every soul shall taste death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception."
(Surah Al-e-Imran: verse 185)
Every moment that i breathe, This dream i have tends to creep
To the thoughts inside my head, To where i slumber in my bed.

Every prayer, as i kneel, holding steadfast in my soul
aware of the role i play, my true target, aims and goal.

Akhirra my destination,Islam the one true path.
Dunya my temporary home, Actions, deeds belong to me alone.

I'm not here to please the people, I'm not here to stay for long.
I am just a traveller, trying to avoid what's wrong.

I long for the final day, When i may meet my Lord.
Though first i beg from him Forgiveness, And pray and work for the reward.

Jannah Insha'Allah.
(SS, 2006)
Narrated by Sahl (RA): Allah's Apostle (saw) said: " I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise, " showing his middle and index fingers and seperating them.
(Sahih Bukhari: Kitab ul talak)
Does anybody care?
Does anybody care;
That my stomach feels so very bare
My swollen arms and my swollen feet
My stomach too, 'cos i've got nothing to eat.
Does anybody care?
Does anybody care;
That i've walked for miles
Days and days on end
I walked bare foot
because my shoes are worn
Over dirty, dull streets
Does anybody care?
Does anybody care;
When night falls
And we shelter under the stars?
Would anybody care if we were dead
because we haven't been fed?

If somebody had given before it was too late
A little something out of their plate
Maybe we'd think there is hope still
Out there to be found.
But, Does anybody care?
Maybe if somebody out there could give
A little something to let us live
Hope would be everlasting
And we would know there was somebody
In this world that cared.
Does anybody care?
(SS, 1995)


Narrated by Abi Waih (RA): Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman said, "The Hypocrites of today are worse than those of the lifetime of the Prophet (saw), because in those days they used to do evil deeds secretly, but today they do such deeds openly."

(Sahih Bukhari: Book 88)

Faith is a word i regret to say;
has very little to do with today.
A society of non believers,
because we don't know waht to say.

How can we have faith now?
When unity doesn't exist
People are just people....
and there's noone to change this.

Everyone goes about today
In their own style and way
Problems are now just ignored;
in hope they'll go away.

The world is changing every day
People are changing too...
Their minds are all in conflict
Their faith is no longer true.

(SS, 1996)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


"Verily, you (O Muhammad) guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are the guided ones."
(Surah Al Qasas :Ayah 56)

A vision of darkness, never a glimpse of light
A vision of blindness, never anyone in sight.
A vision of life in a far away land,
A vision of holidays amongst the golden sand.
A view of something a little closer to home,
A scene of the wilderness, a feeling lost in thought.
A lifetime of deafness, withdrawn from nature,
The sounds of the animals echo and fade.

The distant smell of a lifetime of happiness,
The sour taste of a forbidden past.
A feeling of happiness, a moment of grief,
A feeling that remains,

A cold touch of warmness, the feelings deep down inside,
The darkness surrounding, unaware of a sound.
The peaceful blank vision of an everlasting dream,
The sour taste of paradise, the rough texture of sand,
The sweet smell of nature in that far away land.
A taste of the real world, ready for action
The sweet smell of success...
A touch of paradise.
(SS, 1997)


When you pass me on the street, what do you see?
When you stare long and hard, do you really see me?
Do you really see beyond this misconception of oppression,
Or is it just a poor excuse that has formed this wrong impression.

Am I just a figure, for you to focus on,
Because you think I can’t speak back, or tell you that you’re wrong.
I’m just following my faith not looking for a fight.
But all the time you think, your abuse escapes my sight.

Is it just the fact my beliefs and faith are standing strong?
Or is it just the way I dress, that you see as wrong?
All I do is cover and protect myself from sin,
So people see the real me, what is deep within.

Just how long, will this torture of society persist?
Or is this a war on human rights, forever to exist?
Will the world ever understand, or even tolerate,
Or will time simply pass us by, till He shows us our fate.

I ask you people of the world to learn and recognize
The truth that’s there for all to see, don’t focus on those lies.
Don’t judge a person by their race, don’t have religious hate,
For you may turn in regret, when it is far too late.

(SS, 2005)

The Prophet (saw) said: "None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself."
(Sahih Bukhari: Book of Belief)
Why is it they stare at me, while I walk down the street?
Why is this world always set out, to create some big defeat?
Is it the colour of my skin, my scarf or my long gown?
Or is it what I hold inside, my heart that puts them down?

How can my faith, of peace and truth, be misconstrued to be,
Something other than what’s in The Book, for all the world to see?
No bombs, no knives, no guns, no hate, no obscurity,
Just my own guide, to live my life, prepare for all eternity.

I don’t hate the passers by, for what they are to me,
For most of them are strangers, being who they want to be.
What gives any human, the right to display cruelty?
No matter what that persons, race or religion be.

Let them not inside my heart, cause hate or anxiety,
Let them not hinder my place in this society.
Melt their stone cold hearts, so that some day they may unearth,
That compassion deep inside their souls, show them their true worth.

I can tolerate the consequence, of the minority that hate
I can take it all, for only You decide my fate.
May it only make me stronger; I know it’s for the best,
All I ask of You though, is to protect the rest.
(SS, 2005)