Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Every good act is an act of charity". In another version the hadith, it says: "Your smile to your brother is a charitable act. Ordering good is a charitable act. Forbidding evil is a charitable act. Helping a man who has bad eyesight to see things is a charitable act. Removing a stone, rubbish or bones is a charitable act. Emptying your cup in the cup of your brother is a charitable act."
(Sahih Muslim)
His big brown eyes
Fill with tears of sorrow
Have you no love
That he could just borrow?

His head is bowed
He has little pride
But rest assured
He feels something inside.

Feelings and thoughts
Will always remain
But by keeping emotions
He has little to gain.

His tearful eyes
Cry out in need
"Is there no-one out there
To fulfil this deed?"

A little love
If he could just borrow
To help him face
The world of tommorrow.

(SS, 1995)

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