Tuesday, July 18, 2006


When you pass me on the street, what do you see?
When you stare long and hard, do you really see me?
Do you really see beyond this misconception of oppression,
Or is it just a poor excuse that has formed this wrong impression.

Am I just a figure, for you to focus on,
Because you think I can’t speak back, or tell you that you’re wrong.
I’m just following my faith not looking for a fight.
But all the time you think, your abuse escapes my sight.

Is it just the fact my beliefs and faith are standing strong?
Or is it just the way I dress, that you see as wrong?
All I do is cover and protect myself from sin,
So people see the real me, what is deep within.

Just how long, will this torture of society persist?
Or is this a war on human rights, forever to exist?
Will the world ever understand, or even tolerate,
Or will time simply pass us by, till He shows us our fate.

I ask you people of the world to learn and recognize
The truth that’s there for all to see, don’t focus on those lies.
Don’t judge a person by their race, don’t have religious hate,
For you may turn in regret, when it is far too late.

(SS, 2005)

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